Newborn session. Useful information before your photoshoot



I’m glad that you are here! It means that we are going to meet up very soon.

I have prepared this post for you, hoping that you will find it helpful before your baby’s newborn session.

One of the most important parts of the session, is to make sure that your baby is fully fed. It makes positioning so much easier. With a full stomach your baby will be asleep for longer (and deeper), and I will be able to create more of those beautiful images for you.

If you would like to capture some images with your baby's eyes open, and if your baby cooperates, we can try to do it towards the end of the session.

We will start with family/sibling portraits.

Once I'm happy with the results, I’ll ask you to sit back and relax. I will then take care of your baby on my own.

Don't worry, we will stop for a break every time your little one needs it; for feeding, changing nappies or just for cuddles.


If you would like to use a black backdrop, I would recommend also wearing black clothes. Personally I think it adds more intimacy to the images but the decision isyours, of course. If you are not keen on dark clothes, nudes also work well with black.

For a grey, baby blue, hazel or navy backdrop I would suggest wearing a plain shirt, t-shirt, blouse or simple dress in rather light colour or pastels.

Denim is a good option with every colour.

For more information of how to prepare for the session, please visit my blog post here

Please don’t be late, and arrive ready in the clothes you have chosen for the photoshoot. Busy patterns, big logos, and strong, fluorescent colours - anything that may take the attention away from the baby - is not a good idea. If you wish, you can bring some clothes for a change in case of any nappy


Please be aware that newborn sessions are quite long (about 3 hours).  If we add your travel time, or unexpected delays, you can see it may be some time between your meals. To avoid you being hungry you may want to bring a sandwich or anything else you fancy eating, especially if you are arriving with other children - please pack something for them.

You may think that 3 hours is long, but I assure you it will go very quickly. Changing, getting ready and feeding takes most of this time, but positioning sometimes is time-consuming and tricky too.

For the baby

Please bring a blanket and a muslin, about 5-7 nappies and a dummy, which may help us, while I transfer your baby from one position to another.

If you express or give formula milk, please pack plenty of it too!


With regards to the setups:

If there is something you specifically like, for example, a prop or colour theme, please let me know before the session, so that I can prepare it and plan around it.

Thank you


I’m Beata Szafer and I am a photographer in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire behind My Beloved Photos

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If you like my style of photography, please feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts; by detailing your preferences and vision,  I can personalize your session and capture those special moments for you to cherish for ever.

Most of the time I work from my small and cosy photography studio based in Bletchley, however I don’t mind travelling for some stunning outdoor photoshoots around Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas.

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