5 Tips for parents before a photo session

So, you have booked a professional family photo session...great!

Deciding the what, how and why can be challenging when panic sets in. When you are looking forward to cherishing those precious memories for years to come, things can get overwhelming but can be sorted out with these helpful tips. They are worth reading, especially if you want to see them beautify displayed on your wall.

1. Coordinating colors work best!

Take out of your wardrobe a few sets of clothes. Put them together on the sofa or on the floor and see how you like it. If you need a darker accent, swap it with another accessory. If you think the lot is too dark, brighten it up with some lighter tones.

I personally love pastels and neutrals for a studio session. I am however also a big fan of a timeless white shirt and jeans option! You can’t go wrong with it and most likely is in every wardrobe already, without a need for a quick ‘before the session’ shopping. Keep it simple if you are unsure.

Make sure you check your cupboard well! You may have forgotten about an old dress that compliments your skin, figure or eyes. See if you can match it with your partner shirt or cardigan;  what about your kids outfit? All looks good? Amazing! Bring it in!

Make sure your outfits are comfortable and attractive. Neutral colors with soft fabrics can make a family photo look soft and elegant while bold, accent colors can make the photo look more fun.

These are great for an outdoor session. You may want to also include a scarf, a hat, a bag or other accessories! They may add on to your story or be used as props. I love colorful patterns during rich autumn session or pastels in spring! White in the summer among green grass and trees is just astonishing!

Prints and textures are welcome too as long as they complement the outfits.

Yes! I know there is a lot to consider! It’s not easy but it’s worth planning. Please don’t live this till the last minute.

2. Take care of yourself!

I’m not going to lie... having professional hair and make-up can make you feel more beautiful and confident from within and that is visible in the photos. A photographer can add magic to your appearance, but cannot add confidence.

If professional help is too much of a hassle, then book your bathroom for an hour (or two J ) for yourself straight before the session. You know best how you like your hair. Do your make-up, cover imperfections and highlight what you are proud of! I’d love to see you shinning!

3, Accessorize

Accessories can be widely used and may add on to your story, but be careful!

If you have booked a newborn session, things like bracelets or watches take attention off tiny little babies, which is why I often ask parents to remove them for the shot.

Accessories during outdoor sessions – yes! They can add color and drama to your outfits. They can be fun to use and add life to the photos. The statement pieces are welcome.

4, Have an early night

That’s the night before the session, of course. By this time you have already checked that there are no stains on your dress, nothing needs cleaning nor alteration.

Waiting with things like that till the last minute will only stress you out. Avoid it! The night before go to bed early. The last thing you want is to get up tired, snooze your phone and then run around the house rushing and worrying about how will you manage everything on time.

5, Be your confident self and have fun!

The best photos are usually the ones where the family are their natural selves, engaging and interacting with each other rather than a staged smile where everyone says “CHEESE”. The photos where everyone has a natural, real smile are the photos that you will cherish for years to come.

I will do my best in directing you and making you feel most comfortable in front of my camera. Trust me on that.

Sometimes, in spite of all the helpful tips, things might not go as planned.

Hopefully, you will be prepared and comfortable for your session. If there is something on your mind, or you are still not feeling prepared, have a look at some pictures down below or just call us. We are here to help.



*Images of the clothes in this post comes from the internet

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