My Beloved Photos studio is a small and cosy space full of gorgeous props, wraps, blankets and other special items, carefully selected to style your session.

My aim was to create space where you, same as me can feel relaxed and comfortable.

I absolutely love being here!

If there is something you particularly like on my website, and would like to use it during your baby session, please let me know in advance. It will help me to plan the flow and get everything ready before you arrive.

When you and your family is here, I would prefer to focus on your little one, rather than unnecessarily waste the time on things that could have been done before.
Additionally, if you have older children, I can get to know them better, make feel secure and stress free around the camera.

My studio is located about 2 minutes walking distance from the playground, and about 5 minutes walk from a lovely Willow Lake. In case of older children getting bored at the studio (3 hours may be a lot for some), Dads can take them to one of these places to run around or feed the ducks.

​Due to the space restrictions, I am unfortunately unable to accommodate additional members of the family.
Please ALWAYS check and let me know how many people are coming with you. Thank you.

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