Purpose of life

The last couple of weeks made me think so much more about the purpose and meaning of life.

Many of us have a chance to slow down and actually enjoy the moment. But it doesn't come easy for all, does it? It’s like a new skill we have to learn. Did we lose it? Didn’t we all experience life a little more and a little fuller when we were younger? What has changed? And why?


Yes, the answer is quite easy. In the irony of our modern world, where technology was supposed to save that precious time, we use that time to do more and more things, and so our lives are more fast-paced and hectic than ever. We enter adulthood, we suddenly have more responsibilities and forget about our mental wellbeing. We want to build a career and make money; we work hard and live fast; care for our houses, partners, pets, for our look, body, children... We have to multitask and often eventually fight with stress, sleepless nights and become distant from friends, family, and nature. Day by day and night by night.

Today I sat down in the middle of my garden. Feeling overwhelmed by all the news from over the world I closed my eyes and lay down. I was breathing deeply and could feel the power of our Mother Earth fulfilling my body and my mind. Magical.

When after a few moments I’ve opened my eyes, I saw clouds slowly passing by over my head. One day, just like them, COVID-19 will also pass. We will go back to our normal lives, but will we learn from it?

Corona Virus reminded us that we shouldn’t take freedom for granted. It showed us, that we didn’t appreciate the abundance of products we’ve had and that we didn’t care much about the connection and balance with nature. We think we are big and almighty but are we really?

We are dependant and only a little part of something much bigger.

I’d like to believe it happened for a reason. Maybe to appreciate what we have had? Maybe to protect us from something far much worst? Maybe to slow down and enjoy the time we are given rather than run through the life?

I know that slowing down is not easy. It’s a conscious decision, perhaps a little scary, but leading to a greater appreciation for life and a greater level of happiness.

So when next time you go out, walk slowly and breathe deeply; listen to the birds, feel the wind and be grateful that you are the lucky one to experience it all. Talk to your children, hear what they have got to say; grab their hands and enjoy the time together. Whoever is with you, mum, dad, sister or granny – focus on that moment with them and switch off from all the other things you have to do.

Sharing moments with people you love and care about is the sense of life.

That’s why we should use this time to our advantage.

Separate laundry with your child, instruct them how to bake, plant or calculate money in the shop. Teach them how to be kind and how to control the situation.

Those of you who have children at school - don’t worry too much about following the curriculum. Remember - most parents are in the exact same situation, so let’s face it – we are not going to do as great job as teachers would! Not everyone has a knowledge or patience, not to mention time if you are a key worker. So don't stress yourself.

Instead, STAY POSITIVE. This is one of the most important skills you can teach your child.

Especially in the world full of depression.

Be calm and show your child how to overcome obstacles. They will have to face them in life. It’s important how they accept and deal with them.

How valuable lesson is this?

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