Cake Smash Session. Useful information before your photoshoot


Cake smash sessions are a great way to celebrate your baby's birthday and I am very excited to capture some truly amazing and fun photographs you will always have fun going back to!

All you need to know is that these sessions are to capture your little ones' personality; their reaction to cake, sugar, and bubbles in the last part, as well as all the cuteness they show. My attention is fully and only focused on them and I don’t take family or sibling portraits during these sessions. It’s all about a birthday boy or a girl!

These sessions are also a little unpredictable; we totally rely on your baby behaviour and attitude. Please make sure you plan your baby’s session just after or well before his/her next nap. Tired babies or babies with cold will not enjoy it much. Please let me know soon as possible if your baby is unwell to reschedule.

Without a doubt, all cake smash photography sessions are the messiest ones! Don’t put your best clothes on nor plan to meet anyone immediately after the session., because you may want to go back home, refresh yourself, and get changed.

Before you leave the house there are a few things you should pack and bring with you:

*clothes for your baby

* your baby water bottle and a snack

*hers/his favourite toy or something they can play with (if it's in the same colour tone to the setup, it’s even better, but not a problem if not. We will need to make sure we take it out while shooting)

*hers/his personal towel

*a pair of spare socks for you (you will stomp on a bit of cake or wet floor, I am sure of that. You may want to change your socks befor putting your shoes back on)

* an apron or an old t-shirt

* a bag for dirty/wet clothes

Thank you


I’m Beata Szafer and I am a photographer in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire behind My Beloved Photos

One of my passions that gives me the greatest pleasure in life is creating everlasting memories. With and without a camera in hand :) If you like my style of photography, feel free to get in touch and share what you liked about them the most. By sharing your preferences and vision  I can personalize your session and capture your special moments, as you want them to be remembered.

Most of the time I work from home, where my small and cosy photography studio is based, however I don’t mind travelling for some stunning outdoor photoshoots around Milton Keynes. If you want to get to know me a little better, visit my photography blog.

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